nScrypt provides precision micro-dispensing and 3D printing equipment with unmatched precision and quality.


Micro-dispensed dots, lines and patterns using the patented SmartPump™. Using an extreme range of high viscosity to low viscosity materials, features ranging from sub 50 microns to hundreds or microns are possible.

3D Printing

The most flexible and precise commercial 3D printer on the market. Widest range of thermal plastics and thermosets that can build 3D combined with thousands of electronic materials.

We sell direct print dispensing systems ready for high throughput manufacturing floors or the laboratory.

3D Series Equipment


Pumps & Options




Why nScrypt?

SmartPump™, provides a significant edge in speed and precision over other micro dispense pump technologies.

1000000 cP
Dispense Viscosities 1 to
500 nm
3Dn Series High Precision
Commercial Material Choice
150 cm
Motion Platform XY Travel

Our Clients Say

The nScrypt staff is superb and easy to work with. I look forward to working with them to enhance its online presence and overall brand.

dbcVISUALS Webmaster http://orlandowebdevelopment.com

nScrypt’s micro dispensing system was named one of the top 100 products introduced in 2003 by R&D Magazine. It was also awarded the 2004 Frost and Sullivan Product Leadership Award.

R&D Magazine http://www.rdmag.com/

Industry Applications


  • Electronic Packaging
  • Adhesives


  • Miniature Optimization
  • Electronic Components
  • Electronic Vertical Interconnects
  • Electronic RF Shielding

Industrial & Medical

  • Thick Film Resistors
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Adhesives
  • Human Cells / Scaffolds

Interested In Making A Purchase?

We can set up a custom demo of any nScrypt Equipment then customize it to fit your particular needs.

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